Qingdao Ecopure Filter Co., Ltd.

World-Leading Automatic Production Lines

Our factory is equipped with modern automatic production equipment to achieve automatic feeding, automatic assembling and

automatic quality inspection, significantly improving production efficiency and increasing production capacity. We have 15 production

lines, including 2 automatic production lines. Automated production lines pick out bad products to remove the possibility of human

error from a traditional production line, and guarantee stable, high quality production. Moreover, automation ensures a fast production

process to keep products from secondary pollution. Besides, we are fully capable of designing and manufacturing automatic production lines.

Automatic feeding

Automatic feeding

Automatic assembling

Automatic assembling

Automatic quality inspection

Automatic quality inspection

Huge Production

Advanced Factory
Management System

  • Social responsibility audit
  • Security audit
  • Audit by big brands

Quality Control

We have established a professional quality control team and a

comprehensive quality management procedure from product

research and development to the after-sales service. All products

need to pass through a full range of tests before release, like

structure test, material safety test, filter performance test and

transportation test. Moreover, we have established a long-term

cooperation with TÜV SÜD, SGS and NSF International organizations.

Well-Established R&D Systems

Research Team

Most R&D engineers used to work

for Fortune Global 500 with rich

experience in the field.

Technical Support

We work with engineering laboratory

in top universities to continuously

keep technological innovation of

our products.

Equipment Development

We have in-house capabilities to

design and manufacture automatic

production equipment to customize

product structure.

Worry-Free Experience

Our products are highly remarked by all of our
customers with almost 5-star positive feedbacks.

Our filter return rate is below 0.1%, which is far
below the average.

Moreover, we provide satisfied solutions within
24 hours if there is any dissatisfaction.

International Certifications

Ecopure is capable of customizing products that could pass rigorous tests and requirements of water filtration standards. We

have acquired multiple international certifications from NSF International, TÜV SÜD, WRAS, ISO 9001, SA8000, PZH, etc. Except

for the original filter manufacturers, we are the only filter replacement manufacturer certified to NSF 42, NSF 53, NSF 401

and NSF 372 certification in China.

Systematic Customer Service Management

One-to-one pre-sales service

One-to-one pre-sales service

Our one-to-one account manager will offer the most

professional answers to any queries from our customers

and provide a full range of technical supports.

Personalized in-sales service

Personalized in-sales service

We can customize products with different filtration systems

and effects meeting all sorts of certification standards. And

our enormous production capacity ensures stable lead time.

Professional after-sales service

Professional after-sales service

We have local customer service teams in Europe, North

America and Chinese markets. We will take care of your

problem in a timely manner.